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Glory Divine Restoration Centre (GDRC)

Glory Divine Restoration Centre –GDRC


The Lord has laid a great burden on Bishop Ryan’s heart to reach out to the lost, abandon, abused, forsaken, poverty stricken, addicted and those that has been in disadvantaged through the economic situations of our country and bring restoration and completeness in their lives. For many years the Hands of Compassion Department of Glory Divine was meeting these needs, however in 2013 seen the launch of Glory Divine Restoration Centre in January. The current and ongoing initiatives will now fall directly under this banner. Glory Divine has been active in the following areas in the Langlaagte and surrounding communities and also globally:-


1.         Glory Divine poverty Eradication initiatives


1.1       Food parcels are handed out to the desperate and needy within the community and surrounding areas as and when required

1.2       Blankets, shoes, beds and clothing distribution for the homeless and needy

1.3       Feeding schemes—about 400 children are fed with sandwiches and juice on our outreach drives

1.4       Yearly Christmas presents are handed out to about a thousand childrens

1.5       We support the Rainbow Children gift drive by sponsoring presents. In 2011 we sponsored 600 presents and in 2012 we sponsored 400 party packs

1.6       Glory Divine has its own Kingdom Kids about two hundred of them from poor areas. We are involved in their spiritual upliftment and also trained teachers expend valuable time in grooming them in all areas of life. We also hand out presents to them and make them feel accepted.

1.7       We are in partnership with Boys Town Magaliesburg for the past five years

1.8       WE fund many initiatives in poverty stricken areas

3.         Glory Divine Community Upliftment Projects

3.1       All facets of counselling is conducted at Glory Divine

3.2       Rehabilitation on the job programs for drug addicts and alcoholic through our mentorship program

3.3       Crime rehabilitation program in place as people are grouped with  matured Christians and monitored.

3.4       Hundreds of addicts has been set free and now walking as good citizens of society—all through our mentorship program