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Dr. Ryan comes from an Assembles of God background and has been involved in ministry since 1991. He is the Founder and President of Glory Divine World Ministries as well as the Presiding Bishop of the church. The church is registered as a Public benefit organisation. He is also the founder of RSM International which is a Public benefit organisation that caters for the community and outreaches. Glory Divine Hands of compassion is the outreach arm of the church and is effectively involved in food programs, clothing distribution and all facets of counselling services. The church also offers young adult development programs to skill the youth in practical experience and knowledge needed to be successful in the working environment.
Dr Ryan has networking churches globally. He is considered a highly sought-after person to hold crusades, evangelistic programs, motivational talks, conference speaking, leadership training and business re-engineering.
He has received accolades from various institutions and has turned major companies into profitability for example legacy of leaders award, parable magazine leadership award, international icon leadership award. He excels in training church leaders on protocol, loyalty, leadership excellency and stewardship. He also prides in conducting management and sales training, “MOVING TOWARDS EXCELLENCY”.

He has been a student both in the biblical and business sector from 1991 and has received many international qualifications coupled with holding middle and senior management positions in large fortune five hundred companies for a period of twenty years. He had been running a very successful consultancy company called Raynet Innovative Solutions Pty ltd, however due to ministerial obligations and community requirements; the company had to be put on hold.
The crown of his qualification was enrolling in a Master’s Degree four-year program in Business Administration (MBA) from Oxford Brookes England. He has also done many other theological studies and business studies, too numerous to mention through various internationally recognised institutions. At present he is the Dean of Glory Divine Bible Academy which is affiliated to Team Impact Christian University. He is also on the panel of Team Impact University to graduate students.
Dr Ryan is a Mentor and a Father to thousands of people nationally and internationally and he is passionate to see that people are motivated to unleash their full God given potential. He has a mentorship program that trains in-house leaders to become better husbands, fathers, mothers, wives and members of society. He is passionate about people and through his mentorship program hundreds of drug addicts and alcoholics has been reformed. He is married to one wife since 1987 and has one daughter and son, all whom are faithfully serving the community.
Dr Ryan preaches the uncompromising word of God, he operates in the Apostolic and fits easily within the fivefold ministry. He accepted the call of His Apostolic office in 2016 and was ordained as an Apostle officially at a large ceremony in Pretoria. Dr Ryan Sooknunan believes that as a Christian we don’t run after signs, wonders and miracles, however signs, wonders and miracles follows every true believer in Christ. Signs, wonders and miracles are normal in every ministry appointment that he undertakes. He is a dynamic preacher and teacher that will break the Word and prepare a table that is simple yet full of revelation. No person can leave his meeting without being transformed in Jesus’ name. His is a sought-after minister globally and has made an impact locally and in many countries around the world with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ. His Fatherly heart is transforming thousands of lives globally. His mentorship program called “MY DAILY SOUL FOOD” reaches hundred of thousand people daily.

Dr Ryan’s scope of Specialty (additional)
• Common face on various Television programs
• Conducted Hour of Power on Radio Rainbow FM 90.7
• Also appears on various other radio stations ad hoc basis
• Lecturer of Business and Biblical Studies
• Loving Father, Husband and Pastor, grandfather
• Author and Magazine Columnist ad hoc basis
• Commissioner of Oaths
• Business Coach and Strategist
• Marriage Officer
• Motivational Speaker
• Chaplain
• Professional registered Counselor
• SAQA approved moderator and assessor
• Internationally Acclaimed Minister of the Gospel
• A humble, down to earth person

Contact Apostle Ryan on:
Cell: 073 828 7411
WhatsApp: 081 304 9579
Email: bishop@glorydivine.co.za

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